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Built for G-Suite

Your team will love the intuitive experience of using their everyday Google Apps with Buzzflow.

People may leave, but emails stay. Never lose that crucial email.

Email is our default productivity tool and CRM should not be a competitor but rather a collaborator. BuzzFlow helps you to keep relevant emails inside your deals super easily.

buzzflow email tagging

BuzzFlow gives you the power to select which emails should go inside a deal. You pick and choose the right emails so that you don't spam the team with unnecessary emails. Tag once, the whole conversation appears inside the deal.

Tagged Emails: Anywhere, Any Device

The email could be between a person from your team and a customer, as long as it's tagged to the deal, others from the team can also access the email and respond as if they were part of the mail conversation. Access these mails from web or the mobile device.


Store in Google Drive

Store the files of your CRM in  Google Drive. Keep them closer. BuzzFlow takes care of sharing the files with team members.


  • Decide where to store files, whether in Google Drive or BuzzFlow
  • Files uploaded to CRM automatically gets saved in your G Drive (if G Drive selected)
  • View files in Chrome extension, web app or mobile app

2-Way Sync With Google Contacts

(Available Soon)


Your Google contacts will always be in sync with BuzzFlow. We will make sure your Google contact changes gets reflected in BuzzFlow and vice versa.

BuzzFlow Google contacts_sync

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