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Visualize Pipelines

Take control of your sales process and other processes with intuitive pipelines


Know Everything About a Deal

Make well informed decisions at the right time based on the right information. Store everything about a deal in one place inside the pipeline. We call it a Dossier.

In sales pipeline, Dossier is a deal. You can store all the information inside the Dossier. This includes, multiple fields (such as customer name and deal size), discussions, notes, tasks, files, emails, reminders. relations and permissions.

Multiple Pipelines

BuzzFlow gives you the power to create many different pipelines. You can have a separate pipeline for your product sales and another pipeline for your professional services sales.

You can also decide how you want to see the deals from multiple attractive pipeline views available.


Smart Filtering

With Buzzflow’s smart filters you can quickly zoom in on individual teams, products and dates. Swoop in from the high level pipeline to individual opportunities to get to the hard to discover facts.

You can even filter information based on the custom fields you add to the pipelines.

Rich Notes

Rich notes let you keep and share important updates about deals. It supports rich text editing and inserting images. Capture information from your mobile phone camera and directly save in notes with BuzzFlow mobile app.


While using it as a journal, you can drive collaboration with notes in BuzzFlow.



Know what you need to do and plan the day by checking all the tasks. Delegate work to others and track. Everyone in the team knows who’s responsible.


  • View all tasks in one screen
  • Assign tasks to teams or individuals
  • Get automatic task reminders

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