Plan and Prioritize activities with BuzzFlow Activities

Plan and prioritize your activities with BuzzFlow Activities

Have you ever been in a position where you had to delegate a task of creating a sales proposal or a customer call before the end of the day and completely forgot about it until the customer inquired?

The term “failing to plan is planning to fail” goes without saying. One of the core reasons of losing sales is the lack of proper planning, whether it might be calls to customer meetings.The challenge is how do we plan and prioritize our activities so we could sleep soundly at night instead of worrying about them the next morning.

Activities answers these challenges by;


  1. Helping you plan and prioritize your
    • calls,
    • meetings,
    • tasks and
    • reminders.
  2.  Allowing you to delegate activities to your peers and they would be instantly notified about it.
  3. Giving you the ability to create activities within the deal if the activity is related to a certain deal.

The Benefits

The benefits that can be harvested from this feature are tremendous. However some key advantages are;


  • It helps you get a bird’s eye view on your daily activities that needs to be completed throughout the day. You are also able to to see all your pending activities in the Personal dashboard when you log in to BuzzFlow
  • Reminding you of your activities with the help of notifications that would be sent to your email, BuzzFlow system and the mobile app. If these activities are repetitive, you could set the frequency (eg: daily, weekly) to your benefit.

The icing on the cake

The cool thing about this feature is that it is integrated to your Google Calendar. So in addition to your activities being saved inside BuzzFlow Activities, it is also being synchronized to the Google Calendar. However this is only valid if you are using BuzzFlow with your Google account. Nevertheless, do not worry if you are not using a Google Account since you are still able to set activities and store it within BuzzFlow.

On a side note

The Activity feature is an upgrade to the Tasks which means all your current tasks will be merged to the Activity platform. So if you are inside a deal, you will be able to see Activity rather than Tasks. Also, if you want to get an overview of all your activities click the Menu and select Activities.

Find out more on how to use Activities by checking out our support article.

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