Buzzflow exibits at Infotel 2018

buzzflow at infotel
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Buzzflow CRM challenges the traditional CRM landscape

Buzzflow, Sri Lanka’s only SAAS based Sales CRM service provider, successfully showcased their latest Customer Management System and Dashboard at the national ICT exhibition, Infotel 2018. The event was held at the BMICH from November, 2 – 4  under the theme – Towards a Digital Economy.

This event that attracted over 50,000 participants, provided the ideal platform for the Buzzflow team to demonstrate how our product could be invaluable to a business and can be a vital tool in its arsenal.

The Interactions

With the participation of the business community in masses the Buzzflow team took this opportunity to talk to managers and executives about their day-to-day issues when it comes to dealing with customer relationships and specially managing leads.

The Buzzflow team was approached by members of the sales community from top corporates in the country, who voiced their concern such as the ones listed below, regarding their CRM and talked about the challenges they face.

"We do not know what and where our sales stand at a given time, and cannot see how much progress is being made with leads by our sales team"
A Sales Manager from a top corporation
"We can’t develop the expertise in-house to train our sales force on how to use CRM software"
A Business Owner
"We need something simple!"
Most of the Managers of the business community

Some of the participants brought up the high amount of investment that is required in order to set up an efficient system that allows them to manage their prospects.

What we shared?

This free interaction between the business community and Buzzflow’s capable team allowed the company to address these concerns and provide advice on how the service is not only economical from a financial perspective, but also practical from an operational sense, and that having a strong sales CRM software to support any business is embraced globally as a best practice.

“Our versatile platform can be configured to suit a business’s specific needs and made to be efficient and practical with top-notch local support and training to ensure that our customers receive the best results. We believe in efficiency and transparency, and our team ensures that we successfully deliver a quality sales CRM solution to ensure that we remain the best in the industry in Sri Lanka.”
said Azaam Marikar, an Account Manager at Buzzflow.


We would like to thank all guests, customers and friends for visiting our stand and for their contribution towards making our participation a success and look forward to being a part of the exhibition in 2019.