Managing your Contacts inside deals just got better

Managing your Contacts inside deals just got better

Our new Contacts management provides you with the simplest of ways when it comes to managing your contacts. We understand how important it is for you to have a clean contacts database because it matters. One of the core reasons for introducing this enhancement is in order to minimize the risk of data duplication.


Data duplication might not sound as if it needs high priority, but it comes with a many consequences that involves a wastage of time and money.


For example, imagine two of your sales executives call the same customer because they’ve stored the customer’s information in slightly different ways. The end result would lead in two ways.


  1. Difficulty in getting an accurate picture of your customer
  2. The customer being really annoyed from being bombarded with follow ups

So when it comes to managing your CRM, it is important to do more with less effort. Hence the new Contacts enhancement makes it easier when it comes to managing your contacts.

So What’s New

Do more with less


The company details have been merged inside the contact information. So unlike how it was previously you wouldn’t have to make an effort to enter the company and contact information separately

Recognize possible duplicates


If a possible contact with a similar name is being entered, a suggestions drop down would show you an overview of contacts with similar names. This will help you understand if the contact has already been entered into the system, hence reducing the risk of duplication

Learn more about the new Contacts by checking out our support article

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