Product update:

Buzzflow enhances Data Import

Getting all your leads from excel sheets up and running in four easy steps

Whenever your business runs a campaign, takes part in an exhibition or even has a business card drop box, you can end up with hundreds of potential customer information. How do you  make sure that each and every one of these leads are followed through to the end?

Usually these deals are manually assigned, and then there is no way to track how many of these get converted to business. Such a hassle, and so tedious for everyone involved.

Even with a CRM software, creating a new deal for every lead, when numbering in the hundreds can be quite a time consuming and monotonous task, which will drain productivity.

If only there was a way to take all these leads and convert them to deals easily.

We at Buzzflow strive to make your life easier in every way we can, and we are excited to announce the new import feature. Gone are the days of manually creating every deal, the new import feature allows you to create deals from information that is on an excel sheet or CSV file.

When you generate a large volume of leads, they can be entered into an excel sheet or saved in CSV format and then imported to Buzzflow, converting hundreds of leads and their information into deals in your pipeline, in one simple process.

In four easy steps hundreds of deals can be created in your pipeline

  1.       Select your pipeline and upload your excel or CSV file
  2.       Map the matching fields
  3.       Review the content
  4.       Import

We believe in functionality and this import feature can be a valuable tool that will save you time and money and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

As always we strive to exceed your expectations, to make your sales and leads management a breeze.

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