From Inbox to Leads


From Inbox to Leads

Email has always held a great deal of significance when it comes to business transactions. As part of the sales team, you always get various business leads into your Gmail inbox.


The BuzzFlow Chrome extension for Gmail let’s you quickly turn these emails to a lead or an opportunity in the sales pipeline. By doing this you can now share the email and collaborate with your team members inside the CRM itself.

BuzzFlow in fact links the email in your inbox to the opportunity. With BuzzFlow you don’t need to search the inbox for endless hours when a customer from a cold opportunity wants to revive it after 6 months. Every email is now tagged inside your CRM.

Here are just a few ways this can make work easier for your team:

  • Create a lead or opportunity instantly upon receiving a new email
  • Tag another email conversation to an opportunity
  • While inside the opportunity, open up the email in Gmail and respond then and there
  • Share the email conversation with others in the team even if they are not part of it
  • Let another person from your team carry on the conversation in your absence
  • Check your tagged emails from your mobile CRM if you are on the move

How to Tag Emails in BuzzFlow

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