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BuzzFlow Dashboard to Accelerate Your Growth

Whether you are checking your sales funnel, managing the team performance or wanting to make some strategic decisions about your sales organization, the sales dashboard can give you a visual perspective of the performance of your sales organization and pinpoint where exactly you need to give your attention and provide you with correct analysis of your sales.

What can you use the sales dashboard for?

We help you to get an insight into your data in the following 3 areas.

buzzflow dashboard

What’s UNIQUE about this dashboard?

A static dashboard would’ve helped sales teams long time ago, not anymore. You should have the ability to zoom in and filter the data you want to further analyze. That’s what our dashboard exactly provides you with.

buzzflow filter-dashboard

What type of filtering you can do?

You can personalize your dashboard with the information (fields) you decide to include in the deals as custom fields.

For example,

  • Assignee
  • Closing date
  • Created date
  • Customer type
  • Deal size
  • Or any other custom field you have

A Snapshot of your Sales Organization Performance

buzzflow funnel

You can decide to take a look at the whole funnel or further filter it based on sales team members, divisions or branches or with any other sales parameter in your deals.

Sales Team Member Performances

buzzflow assignee-wise

These charts give the sales manager the right insight into the contribution from each and every team member to the whole sales funnel. Additionally, below chart shows you how they are contributing to each and every stage of your sales funnel.

buzzflow assignee-stagewise

As explained before, you can  further filter it based on any of the sales parameter defined in your pipeline such as product or branches.

General MIS

buzzflow mis-chart

Based on the parameters you’ve included to track deals in pipelines, you can generate different charts for decision making purposes. For example, the above chart shows how this company’s sales are divided across Government, Private and Households.


Similarly another example would be, if you decide to track the ‘Lead Source’ (such as FB, LInkedIn, Exhibitions, etc) for your deals, then you are able to visually analyze which and how the marketing mediums are contributing for lead generation.


The objective of the Sales dashboard is to give a quick preview of how your sales organization is performing so that you as a manager can stay a step ahead of the game. We help you to become better at managing your team and growing sales by quickly identifying the areas which needs attention before they become major problems.


If you have any feedback regarding the dashboard or BuzzFlowo in general, don’t hesitate to write to us at

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