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2019: The 5 New Year’s Resolutions a CRM Can Help You to Keep

Another year has passed us by and we are now well and truly into 2019. How is this going to be your best year yet? Here are 5 resolutions for this year to help you stay on track and reach your business goals through CRM.


Resolve to Simplify

Most people assume that the more sophisticated a system is, the more complicated it should and will be. However we believe in the power of simplification.

Infact, it is better to have a simple setup when you introduce and train your team to use the CRM. Limit the complexity of the sales teams’ interphase, by sticking to the essentials. For example, keep only the sales stages that are vital to the sales process, and only the information that you can’t do without.

As your team gets familiar with the platform, and starts to use it confidently, keep making adjustments and updates and gradually build up its complexity. Your team will thank you for it, and will be more enthused to understand how great a tool CRM can be.


Resolve to always use CRM

Now this one is important, “Is every single lead that comes your way always entered into your CRM?” Well it should be.

Try to resolve to enter each and every lead that comes your way, every inquiry or display of interest, and every potential customer. This could be manual or the process can be automated by connecting to your website or facebook account.


Resolve to not lose any prospects unnecessarily

What is the #1 reason for companies to lose sales? Bad follow up.

However, if you can use CRM properly, it takes care of this problem for you. Notifications that let you know when you should reach out to your leads, visual cues to show which leads (or cards in your pipeline) require attention, and an internal monitoring system which will let management nudge the team whenever a lead seems to be stagnant are just a few ways in which CRM support you to maintain good follow up with your leads.

Losing sales due to poor follow up is unnecessary, and with proper execution of CRM will be last year’s news.


Resolve to use ALL the features available to you

Do you use all the features that your CRM makes available to you? Or just the ones you think are important? This year resolve to revisit unused features.

Activities, proper notes, and email tagging are features that most companies tend to gloss over since they are non-essential to the sales pipeline, but we have noticed that some of our clients who have had the most success with CRM are those who find creative, and functional ways in which to use these features to their benefit.

So take a moment and have a look at the features you usually just scroll past and see how you can make it another weapon in your arsenal.


Resolve to have less and short meetings.

That is right, LESS meetings. The purpose of most meetings is to keep everyone in the loop. And CRM takes care of that for you.

Between the sophisticated reports that can be obtained, the dashboard that give you a quick update and live data that gives you a holistic view at any given time, if used correctly, CRM will ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times and are continuously updated.

So take that time that you would usually spend in meetings, and use it to bring in more sales. Give your team the freedom to be more productive.

So basically what we mean is, resolve to use CRM properly and completely, it can make a difference. Buzzflow is a unique platform that is constantly evolving to better address your every CRM need. We believe in continuous improvement and want to ensure that you get the best service possible.

The Buzzflow team looks forward to you to having a fabulous year. And we have resolved to make CRM easier and better, while taking some time out this year to provide you with as many resources as you need to convert every lead that comes your way. Happy 2019, we hope you stick to all your resolutions.

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