Notifications to Date Fields


Introducing Email and SMS Triggers for Deals

Have you ever missed an important date about a crucial deal you are working on? or struggling to keep your customers informed of the next payment date?


Worry No More!!! You and others in your team can now receive important notifications related to the deals you are working on.
Not only that, you can now send personalized notifications to your prospects or customers too.


Didn’t BuzzFlow have notifications already?

Yes it did. Those are,
  • For New opportunity (dossier/deal) creations
  • To Notify when an opportunity is assigned
  • Task related notifications
  • Opportunity (personal) reminder
  • and Admin related notifications

Then, what's new?

Notifications for every date in your fields set.


Based on our interactions with you, we’ve seen you use many fields to track important dates such as contract expiry or next contact date for a prospect. Today we are empowering you to send notifications based on any such date you set in an opportunity.

You can use this to send different reminders such as,

  • Next contact date reminders
  • Meeting reminders
  • Payment reminders
  • Contract renewal reminders

I have 5 fields of type 'Date' in my pipeline, can I send different notifications to those?

Absolutely! You can send either Email or SMS notifications or both.

Can I pick & choose recipients?

Of-course you can. They can be one or many of the following,
  • Contacts for that opportunity
  • Assignee
  • Teams or members who has access to that opportunity
  • Any other contact available in one of the fields of the same opportunity
  • A team or a member from BuzzFlow CRM

Did you say you can send SMS notifications too?

You heard us RIGHT!
We are rolling it out phase by phase. Email notifications are open now for all. If you don’t see the SMS notification facility available, it will soon be there, if you are in a hurry, why not drop us a mail. We’ll get you a front seat in the list.

How to set up notifications?

Check our manual, it should give you a fairly good understanding of how to set notifications for you, your team, and your prospects or customers.


Happy Notifications!

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