Sales Follow-ups: Critical Importance and Related Statistics

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Critical Importance of Sales Follow-ups and Related Statistics

Follow-ups are supercritical in the sales process. Specially in the B2B business sales happens over a period of time. Customers do make impulse purchases, however, majority of the B2B sales do not get closed in the first interaction.

Therefore, having a proper follow-up has become part of the ABCs of sales.

Stats to Backup the Importance of Follow-up

Salespersons, consultants, trainers ,writers or anyone who understands the importance of follow-ups in sales look for statistics to make their point. A simple Google search about sales follow-ups will give them following wonderfully looking statistics.

This information seems so attractive for them and might start resonating with their experience. As a result, they are tempted to use these ‘so called’ facts as a reference. A repetition of this makes this bogus statistics virally spread. You may even notice how the word ‘fourth’ is misspelled in the above image.


It’s no longer a secret now that these widely used stats are an outright lie. This article (Those incredible sales stats everyone cites are actually completely false) by Stewart Rogers nicely explains how this information even made to printed publications and the non existance of National Sales Executives Association (NSEA).

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any studies done related to sales follow-ups of similar nature. It could be one of the main reasons that these bogus stats got widely shared. Still many in the social circles such as linkedin believe these stats are right.


However, the bottom line is that sales follow-ups are a crucial part of sales success. It should be done with a proper plan and with the aid of a tool that make sure the quality of the follow-up

Using a Simple Sales Tool to Manage Follow-ups

A Simple Sales CRM such as BuzzFlow helps salespersons to do quality sales follow-ups so that more sales are closed in less time. It helps the salespersons to,


1.Follow-up at the right time with follow-up reminders

2.Make sure to do a quality follow-up with simple follow-up notes

3.Do follow-ups on-the-go with mobile access

4.Use internal collaboration to increase follow-up success

5.Delegation of follow-ups with team activites and reminders

Happy Follow-ups!!!

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