Why Automate Sales?

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Why Automate Sales?

Above is a typical conversation that happens with many business owners when they are presented with the opportunity of automating the sales function.


As a business leader, digitizing or automating sales is not only about getting a good pulse of sales activities of the business, but also about helping your team be operationally productive.

Increasing Team Productivity

  • Effective Follow-up – One of the main reasons behind losing sales is poor follow-up. A good CRM with an effective follow-up mechanism helps sales teams to maintain constant interaction with customers and close deals in less time.


  • Self Organizing–  Having a central place to gather all the information about a deal and the ability to easily access and update while on the go means CRM is a personal productivity booster for the sales person.


  • Team Collaboration – In most of the businesses sales is a team effort. Digitizing sales with a good CRM tools enhances collaboration thereby helping teams to close more deals in less time. 


  • Easy Access to Information – Should sales be stopped when a salesperson go on leave? Having easy access to information empowers other team members to serve customers.


  • Positive Competition – performance comparison charts/reports shared with team creates a performance oriented culture

Management and Strategic Decision Making

While helping the team to be operationally productive, sales automation with a good CRM should also help you make right management and strategic decisions too. As a business owner or manager, you should be able to,

  • See the team contribution and performance at any time
  • Analyze and appraise team members
  • Generate MIS (Management Information System) for strategic decision making. Ex. how the sale distribution across different branches or product categories
  • Accurate sales forecasting based on sales pipeline for growth related strategic decision making for future
  • Plan for sustainable growth of the business by carefully nurturing and managing the sales pipeline

Sales Automation or Digitizing Should be an Easy and Painless Step

A CRM shouldn’t be a burden to you or your team, rather it should be tool that eases the way of you doing business. A simple CRM like BuzzFlow helps you and your team get the best out of the system with minimal inputs. In the meantime it makes the use of CRM a fun exercise for the whole team.

Happy Selling!!!

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