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Buzflow is easy to use and intuitive for teams!

CRM inside Your Gmail Inbox

The BuzzFlow CRM for Google/Gmail is one of the most effective CRMs used globally by thousands of users. Now access CRM from inside your Gmail inbox. It makes your corporate professional life easier. BuzzFlow is a web based CRM system with visual pipelines. It automates your sales and other operational workflows such as project management and helpdesk.

You can now check sales updates, add opportunities, delegate work or even read tagged emails, easily from inside your Gmail inbox. BuzzFlow CRM Chrome extension makes this possible. It is highly recommended by users because of the visual pipelining and excellent performance inside Gmail.

BuzzFlow integrates tightly with Google apps (or now called G suite). It helps SMBs to maintain quality relationship management by collecting significant customer details and deals and through internal collaboration. It makes the corporate Gmail user an efficient worker. This is because, tagging and tracking emails related to an opportunity is much simpler and effective with BuzzFlow.

BuzzFlow CRM for Google Apps: Store files in Google Drive

It is powerful, smart and fully customizable! Some of the most significant features present in the Chrome extension are:

  1.   Pipelines: What makes BuzzFlow most liked by its thousands of users is how easy it visually tracks opportunities and other pipelines. You can access all the pipelines which are in the web app also via the chrome extension. Therefore it retains its authenticity and offers you the best CRM solution inside Gmail.
  2.   Tagging emails: This is a unique feature of Chrome extension. It’s important that you keep related emails inside an opportunity. When you tag an email to an opportunity, it doesn’t copy the email or the content. Instead, BuzzFlow creates a link between the opportunity and the email conversation, in your inbox.
  3.   Sharing emails: Other team members will also have access to the tagged email conversations. This is a good way to share emails without forwarding or copying.
  4.   Quick updates: Gmail extension empowers team collaboration via notes, comments and tasks. The files you upload to BuzzFlow are stored in respective Google Drives and shared from there with the rest of the members.
  5.   Efficient sales: You can identify, track, filter and optimize your sales opportunities by staying within your Gmail inbox. Finding leads or opportunities was never this simple and swift!
  6.   Fast to load: BuzzFlow inside Gmail loads and works faster helping users to quickly get the work done.
  7.   Open tagged emails from inside the inbox: Seamlessly open the tagged emails in the same screen as opportunities. No need to open different tabs or windows

Work Inside Gmail Inbox

All these features will assist you in your work keeping your work more organized and quick. It therefore helps you to concentrate more on the significant aspects of the business. Forget switching between a CRM and Gmail. Enjoy the liberty to live and work inside Gmail because of BuzzFlow, one of the best cloud CRM systems available in the market.

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