Close. Faster. Easier

Find out the right set of features you need in your sales process. Buzzflow makes sure that none of your leads fall through the cracks.


Capture all information into one place.Make informed decisions to win deals.


Share and Interact with team members. Win deals as a team.


Be on top of your sales by mapping your sales process to Buzzflow.

Manage your hard earned leads with ease and turn them into potential customers with the help of visual pipelines

Be more productive by planning out your activities, never miss a follow-up with the right reminders.

Be more productive by planning out your activities, never miss a follow-up with the right reminders.

Keep you contacts centralized so you can access it from anywhere in the world. Analyze them & run campaigns.

Decide the visibility of your deals. Choose hierarchy mode if you want to control access based on hierarchy.

Create rich notes. Use mobile app to capture camera shots. Discuss deals inside Buzzflow over discussion area.

Never surrender your proven sales process to a system. BuzzFlow is built is be customizable to your sales process.

Comprehensive sales reports help you evaluate the performance of individuals, teams, products, services, regions as well as the overall organisational Progress.

Capture leads from multiple sources easily. Connect Facebook lead ad campaigns and create leads automatically. Use simple lead creation API to create leads from any source.


Email Integration

Keep  ongoing  emails connected to  your deals. Easily access even the oldest emails to revive historic sales information. Forward or bcc emails to make them part of the deal.

Data Import & Export

Buzzflow makes it super easy to import and export contacts and sales data. Therefore, switching to Buzzflow (and vice versa) from/to another system is an absolute breeze.

Personalize Dashboard

Unlike many other CRMs in the market, Buzzflow empowers you to customize your personal dashboard. Choose from  standard data to any other report  you create.

Relationship Linking

Build links between deals, people and companies. Winning a deal may require building relationships with multiple suppliers (companies) contacts or even other deals. Connect the dots through Buzzflow CRM..

Dormant Deals

It’s all about staying on top of your sales pipeline. You can easily set how many hours or days a deal could stay idle, after which, Buzzflow makes sure to visually notify the salespersons to take action and quickly close the deal.

Security & Reliability

Buzzflow is hosted in one of the most secure cloud infrastructure service providers in the world. Your data is completely safe with data replication and regular backups.

All the support you need

Do not hesitate to reach us whenever you need help from our team. You can drop us a mail to or if you are yet to make a decision on Buzzflow, book a product demo here.

Try it yourself

Buzzflow setup is all automated. Create your instance in minutes and start using. Browse through our different pipeline templates if you want add more business units to your CRM. It will be up in minutes it’s that easy.