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Visualize your pipelines in meaningful ways

Buzzflow CRM allows you to take control of your sales process. You can track, organize and also follow up on opportunities very easily. Decide how you want to see the deals from multiple attractive views available.

BuzzFlow Pipeline Change


Collaboration increase productivity and makes winning consistent. Use right tools to help your teams easily interact by sharing information, receiving feedback and delegating effectively.


Start fruitful discussions inside your CRM. Turn Discussions into actionable tasks with Tasks of BuzzFlow.


Built for G-Suite

BuzzFlow CRM for G-Suite (Google Apps) seamlessly integrates with G-Suite ecosystem from the ground up. It has deep integrations from Gmail to Google drive for files and storage. Your team will love the intuitive experience of using their everyday Google Apps with Buzzflow.




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Sales Insights

Buzzflow’s reporting and analytical tools provide you a deeper understanding of your data. Generate actionable insights as well as develop the foresight to take corrective measures in advance.

Managers can use this information to evaluate the performance of individuals, teams as well as the overall organisational Progress.


Email Integration

Keep  ongoing  emails connected to  your deals. Tracking live  email conversations is just a mouse click away.  Easily access even the oldest emails to revive historic sales information.  

No more copying and forwarding, simply tag emails to opportunities and start sharing them with your team.


Simple Customizations

Your business is unique. Decide how you want to change the CRM to tailor to your style and business processes. A CRM that fits nicely to your organization gives you and your team a better selling experience.

Easy Follow-ups

Did you know most of the sales are closed only after many follow-ups? Aside from impulse buys or necessary purchases, sales typically take place over a period of time. This is why we made follow-up of your leads easy.


We believe in Data Liberation. BuzzFlow makes it simpler for you to import and export data. Import from CSV files and get your CRM data to BuzzFlow from other systems.

Mobile CRM

Why stop your sales and the growth of your business just because you and your team are on the move or out of office?  

Manage your pipeline, collaborate with the team and access files and emails through the mobile app.

Lead Generation via Web Forms

Planning on a marketing campaign? Worried about your web site visitors not converting to leads? Capture prospect information easily into CRM from landing pages to contact forms.

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