Team Visibility & Permissions

Flat or hierarchical? Organizational structure differs depending on the size or nature of the business. What if we ask you to change your organization structure to suit the CRM you choose?

Your answer is an obvious NO.

One structure does not fit all. That’s why Buzzflow CRM can adapt to your organization structure with correct access permissions.

Control access to your data

Data Shared with Right People

Information is shared only when necessary including reports.

Manual Visibility

Each deal in a pipeline can have a default set of users assigned. Easily change it in the deal to make it visible to other teams/individuals.

Fine Grained Permissions

It’s your information. Decide between full access or read only access to your information.

Hierarchy Vs Manual Visibility

Easily define the hierarchy where your records are shown according to that. If you are a flat organization, choose manual, where you can control visibility team and/or individual wise.

Simply Create Hierarchy

Set the organization hierarchy in a very simple manner.

Create Teams

Group similar users together. Give access to records in an easier way.

buzzflow teams
buzzflow deal

Permissions to suit any organization

One permission layout does not fit all. That’s why Buzzflow permissions to records can be tailored to the way you want. It fits any organization.