Activities & Reminders

One of the core reasons of losing sales is the lack of proper planning, whether it might be calls to customer meetings.

The challenge is how do we plan and prioritize our activities.

Buzzflow helps you get a bird’s eye view on your daily activities that needs to be completed throughout the day.

For managers, it’s easy to see analytics of visits, calls or any other activities of team.

buzzflow activity types

Get your business run


Delegate tasks to others and they would be instantly notified about it. View the pending tasks and run your sales meeting with tasks report.

Activities in Reports & Dashboard

See the team’s activities with activity reports and dashboard. Create your own activity related reports and dashboard widgets.

Never Miss an Activity That Matter

Buzzflow’s powerful reminders will make sure none of the deals are fallen through the cracks. Reminders will keep following you via mobile, web and email.

Google Calendar Integration

It is integrated to your Google Calendar. So in addition to your activities being saved inside BuzzFlow Activities, it is also being synchronized to the Google Calendar.

buzzflow activities
buzzflow activities

Fully customizable

Activities are an important part in sales. Therefore, we let you add new types of activities.


We don’t stop from there, Buzzflow lets you add new fields to an activity so that you can completely customize activities to suit your business operations.