Collaborative Tools

Collaboration increase productivity and makes winning consistent. Use right tools to help your teams easily interact.  

Share information, receive feedback and delegate effectively.


Start fruitful discussions inside your CRM. Turn Discussions into actionable tasks with Tasks of BuzzFlow.

Is Sales always done in isolation? Not really..

Discussion board

Build a conversation around a deal. Give suggestions, feedback. Simply record the informal conversation in the deall. It’s like a non-real time chat tool.

Got a question to ask about a deal?

Do it through the deal itself. Start the conversation on the move via mobile app. Keep the salesperson or the team headed in the right direction and the momentum going till the deal is won.


Delegation gets more things done. It could be a quote preparation to the back office team. Do it handsomely via Buzzflow.

Mobile App Snapshots to Notes

Did you know Buzzflow helps you capture moments in your sales life from phone camera and save them as notes in an instant? It could be a rough meeting note, a whiteboard drawing, or even a customer site, anything which will help you close deals faster.

buzzflow mobile app discussion
buzzflow mobile app image capture

The CRM that help you converse inside a deal

Deals are not always won in isolation. A little bit of a chat, push, help goes a long way. Build a winning team that can talk inside deals.