Smart Contacts

You always meet new people. Use Buzzflow’s People & Companies to collect, manage, and utilize contacts smartly to close more deals.

Get a 360 degree view of your customer base with storing any type of information. Link customers, companies and find the related deals.

Save, Find, Use & Grow


Add contacts from web, mobile app or by importing CSV files.

Find Info Fast

Searching anything in contacts is super easy. Suggestions are shown as & when you type.

See Related Deals

When you open a contact or a company, easily go to related tab to see what other deals person or company has.


Customize customer profile as you like. Add new fields such as date to automatically get reminded on important customer milestones.


Generate reports on customers. Create your own. Add to dashboard.

Activities, Notes & Files

Helps you mainian rich info about contacts & companies.

buzzflow contact timeline

Versatile Contacts

Start building your prospects database. Use them, gain customer insights & close more deals in less time.