Customizable CRM

Your business is unique. Decide how you want to change your CRM to tailor to your style and business processes.

Think of a CRM that lets you customize in every aspect. That’s what Buzzflow is, use it as it is or change it to suit your processes, track your information & get the reports you want.

buzzflow customizations

Choose a CRM that can adapt

Customize your pipelines

Add new pipelines and customize them. Change pipeline stages or add new custom fields. All within your power.

Your activities

Add a new activity types to suit your’s.. If you want to store more info in activities you may do so.

Your own reports

Beauty of Buzzflow is, it’s not only about the reports we give you by default. You can create your own set of reports for deals, contacts, companies & activities through our easy to use report tool.

Customize your contacts

Do you want to track more info than what’s available? Go ahead, change the customer profile to suit your needs.

and your personal dashboard

We mean it when we say personal. Create your own. Bring report summaries to your dashboard.It’s very easy.

Even reminders

Sales is all about doing right things at the right time. Customize reminders for deals, contacts, companies or even activities. It’s so simple.

buzzflow custom fields

Customize everything

A CRM that fits nicely to your organization gives you and your team a better selling experience.

How to customize? It’s so simple.


Find out how?