Easy Lead Capturing

Planning on a marketing campaign? Worried about your web site visitors not converting to leads? Capture prospect information easily into CRM from landing pages to contact forms.

Buzzflow lets you collect leads from many places. Capture prospect information easily with our simple lead capture tools.

buzzflow lead-capture

Wishing for easier ways of bringing in leads to your CRM?


Waiting for a CRM that captures leads directly from Facebook lead ads instead of downloading the excel file? Buzzflow is here to the rescue. We let you connect Facebook lead ads directly to your pipeline easily.

Emails to leads - automated

Connect your inquiries@company.com email to Buzzflow with a simple one-time email forward. Be get notified for new leads that get created.

Simple API for any website

Use our simple API to integrate your web site/form easily and quickly. Our team is always there to help you on any integration support.

Import from files

Import your data from other systems as csv files. Simply use Buzzflow’s graphical import tool for a step by step trouble free data import. Our support can help you if you need any help in importing.

buzzflow facebook integration

A CRM that directly connects with Facebook lead ads

No other CRM gives you this level of easy integration.

With a few mouse clicks your facebook page is connected to Buzzflow and leads will start flowing inside.


So, why wait?