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Why stop your sales and the growth of your business just because you and your team are on the move or out of office?

Get the best out of you and your team and stay connected 24/7 with the collaborative mobile CRM.

buzzflow crm mobile app

Sell Wherever You Are

Available for IOS & Android

Download from App Store or Google Play

Control pipeline

Stay connected with the deals. Access and update deals & contacts. Helps you close deals anytime, anywhere.

Discuss in App

Give or receive instant feedback to/from team members wherever you are. Use Discussions in Mobile app.

Take Immediate Action

You are on the move. You receive an activity notification to call a prospect. Quickly check the deal timeline. Refresh your memory. Call prospect. Update call details. All from the mobile.

Capture Notes, Share Instantly

Simpler way to update meeting notes at the end of a meeting. Use the mobile app to take snapshots of rough meeting notes & directly save inside CRM as a note.

buzzflow mobile app
buzzflow mobile app

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the CRM that works and goes with you

Your sales team is always on the move, So, why not let them run sales from mobile. That means your business is always growing.