Unleash Your Sales Pipeline

Visual data with visual cues help you better understand the current situation and help you make you quick decisions to close more deals in less time.

Visual pipeline makes you stay organized, take prompt action and take control of your sales process.


You don’t have to change the way you work to match the CRM, you can now change the CRM pipeline to match the way you work.

buzzflow pipeline-in-monitor

Use as it is or customize!

Multiple Pipelines

BuzzFlow gives you the power to create many different pipelines. You can have a different pipeline for each business unit you run. Select from templates given or create your own pipeline from scratch.

Pipeline Visibility

Control access to the different pipelines in BuzzFlow. It’s you who decide who can access each and every pipeline. Only the listed members or teams can see a pipeline

Easily Find Info

With Buzzflow’s smart filters you can quickly zoom in on individual teams, products and dates. Swoop in from the high level pipeline to individual opportunities to get to the hard to discover facts.

Fully Customizable

Name the stages of the pipeline as per your business needs. Add more custom fields to your pipeline to store and track valuable deal info and later generate reports.

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Salespersons love simplicity.
BuzzFlow’s visual pipelines creates a visually pleasing area for the salespersons to manage and control sales, resulting in getting more things done and closing more deals in less time.