Sales Reports & Dashboard

Now that your team is having a fabulous sales pipeline, how do you find out whether the pipeline is healthy, leads are generated as expected and closed as planned?

Generate actionable insights as well as develop the foresight to take corrective measures in advance.  Buzzflow gives you real-time insights to help you guide team at the right direction.

buzzflow reports

Reports & Dashboard that actually tell where you headed

Pre-built Reports

How many new deals, average deal age, stage to stage conversion time and more. Buzzflow gives a set of reports to get you started.

Create your own reports

Don’t get limited topre-built reports. Create your own with Buzzflow’s easy to use report generator. Save templates & later use in real-time.

Dive in

Don’t just stop from a high-level chart. See what makes each chart bar, click on charts to dig deeper in to your data & analyze further.

Everything is Real-time

Get the most accurate and current view of your business. Any report you generate is from the real time data from the sales pipelines.

Build your personal dashboard

You know the key indicators of your business. Buld your personal dashboard to see how business & team performs.

Export Reports

Take Your Data Out. Export into images or excel sheets. You can use them for further processing or use in your presentations.

buzzflow personal dashboard
buzzflow filter

Look at your business, a whole new way

Not just you, let every member a decision maker with sales analytics.


Guide your business not just with gut, but with accurate dashboard & reports which you can act!