Adding/Removing members to Buzzflow

Adding Members

To add a new member to buzzflow, from the main menu select the ‘Members and Teams’ option.

Click on the ‘Add Member’ button. Enter your new team member’s email address.


Once added, you can assign pipelines, deals and activities to the new member. The member you added will receive an email providing them with a link to set up their Buzzflow account.

Removing/Replacing Members

To remove an existing team member, first go to the ‘Members and Teams’ section. Locate the team member you want to remove and click the ‘trash bin’ icon next to their email address.

A window will open asking you to reassign the selected members deals, and another member can be selected from the drop down list  to handle the deals assigned to the member being deleted.

You can also choose to deactivate members in which case their access will be barred until their account is activated by an admin. This can be done by clicking the blue ‘Deactivate’ button next to their email id.