Best Practices in maintaining dashboard

Sharing dashboards

Admins have the option of sharing dashboard templates with their teams. In this case, the dashboard will only reflect the information that the relevant member has access to depending on their position in the company hierarchy that is defined.

This will provide a starting point for new team members as they will not need to configure their dashboard from scratch, team members can however edit and reconfigure their dashboard to their preferences whenever they need which will not affect the template shared.

How do you share a dashboard?

Select the correct dashboard by clicking on the switch dashboard button on the top right corner of your screen. Once the correct dashboard has loaded, click on the share button (top right corner), this will open a window that allows you to specify who the dashboard will be shared with. Select the team member and click share.

Your team members’ dashboard will now reflect the shared one. Team members can choose to further configure or edit shared dashboard which will not affect the original.

Having an uncluttered dashboard:

Having too many widgets and information on your dashboard can become confusing, choose the information that you want to be able to see the minute you log in, the most important data that will help you conduct your business and take decisions better.