Custom fields


Fields section of a deal allows you to have a form of fields of your preference. You store information in these fields section for two reasons.

  1. Quick view of information (via card and via search)
  2. For reporting and dashboard purposes

Custom fields allow you to customize Buzzflow deals in a pipeline to suit your business requirements. Custom field can be added to the pipelines, people, companies and activities.


Different types of custom fields are available.


Phone Number field – Use this when ever you want to refer to a contact number in the deal, people, or company fields. It will show the phone icon in the web interface and show call, and other related icons in the mobile app for actions

Drop Down field – List of values are added by the administrator. Users cannot add more items later.

Auto Increment field – As name implies, this field automatically increases the current value by one when a new deal is created. This is used to store Quote number, Inquiry numbers, etc.

Dynamic List field – When used, users can add values to this list during run-time (while using the system). These values are added to the list and Admin may later modify, remove those via custom fields section of the pipeline manager.

Date field – After adding a date field, click on the clock icon in-front of the field to set reminders. Whenever, users set a value for this field, a reminder is generated as per that setting. Following figure shows a sample date field notification setting.


As per the above, Buzzflow sends a notification to the ‘Assignee’ of the deal, ‘On the day’ the ‘Next Contact Date’ field value is set at 0800 hours.