Different types of widgets and how to set them up

Your widgets are created based on reports that have been generated and saved. Make sure that the data you want on your dashboard has been saved as a report before you configure your dashboard.

buzzflow-widget types

Deals Widget: This option generates a sorted list of Deals based on a selected report.

Dormant Deals widget: this is a useful widget that lists out any dorman deals in a particular pipeline. Dorman Deals are ones where there has been no new activity for over a month.

List widget: This will generate a list based on the x axis values of a selected report.

Summary Widget : this shows the entire report as a small summary, you can choose to view it as a bar or pie chart.

Internet speed: this widget is simple, it shows the current internet speed of the user. A minimum of 0.5 Mbps is required for Buzzflow to work, though 1.5 mbps or higher is recommended.