How are Activities used?

Activities are basically your teams shared calendar. You will be able to schedule meetings, calls and any other activity pertaining to your deals and sales, and buzz flow will provide you with timely reminders.

Activities can be accessed from the deal window,


This is a record of your activities pertaining to this specific deal. You can schedule new activities from here and review past and upcoming activities.

To add new activity, click on the blue ‘+’ button, select the type of activity and fill in the necessary fields. The video below provides more information on how to add new activities..

And from the activities option in your main menu.


You can choose a calendar view or list view while here. This shows you all scheduled activities and can be sorted by week, month or year.  

To schedule a new activity click on the blue ‘New Activity’ button and fill necessary fields. Following is a screenshot of ‘New Activity’ dialog box.


Quick way to view activities in your pipeline


buzzflow activity indicators

Buzzflow shows you, all the pending activities in your deal card (in pipeline view) or deal record (in list view).

Shown as the red dot below In the list view,

buzzflow activity-red-dot

Shown as a green dot below In the pipeline view,


There are 3 small icons showing the status of activities pending for you. Only the activities pending for you are shown in the deals.

Red dot icon:
Shows that this deal has one or more overdue activities pending for you.

Grey dot icon:
Shows that this deal has one or more activities due on a future date.

Yellow icon:
Shows that this deal has no activities pending for you.

You can always add an activity for that deal by clicking on these icons.



Watch our video to better understand how to create activities