How do you use the List view?

The list view option can be accessed from the dropdown menu from the top right side of your screen.


The list view will convert your pipeline view to a list of deals in each stage. You can select the stage you want to view by clicking on the pipeline at the top of the page, and all leads in that specific stage will be listed.

The list view allows you to see all the custom fields pertaining to your pipeline, the deals can then be organized by any of the fields.

The advantage of the list view is that you can select multiple deals and apply various actions to them, such

  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Duplicate
  • Mark as (won, lost, abandon, reopen)
  • Copy to another pipeline
  • Move to another pipeline
  • Move to different stage in pipeline
  • Assign to – team member(s)
  • Accessible to  – Team(s) and user(s)

To understand more about pipelines click here (Video).