How to create reports

For Pipelines

Select the report option from the main menu

From the drop down menu on the top left corner of the screen select the pipeline for which you want to generate a report. Click on the blue ‘New Report’ button.

After you select the pipeline you will see multiple options to narrow down the data you want visualized in your report.

Once the filters are selected click next, depending on your type of report you will be asked to set the axes. Use this option to define what data will be represented in the X and Y axes.

Click ‘Show Report’ to complete the process.


For People, Companies and Activities

Creating reports for people, company and activities works the same way as for pipelines, in the drop down list they will appear as options below your pipelines.

You can filter the results you want with the options provided, and choose the axes to generate reports based on people, company or activities.

Click here for more information on creating reports.