How to import data?

The import function is a simple way to convert large numbers of leads into deals in Buzzflow.

The information can be imported either from excel or from a CSV file.

In the main menu select the import option. This will take you to the simple four step process to importing data.

You can use the templates to understand how to organize your excel or CSV file to optimize the import.

  1. Upload

First select the correct pipeline. Then click on the blue ‘Select a file’ button. Select the correct excel/CSV file from your local drive. And proceed to the next step.

2. Mapping

Here you will see the fields from your uploaded file on the left side of the screen and fields from buzzflow on the right side. Click and drag the fields from the right to the empty slots on the left so that they coincide with the correct fields from your uploaded file.

Buzzflow import

3. Finishing

This shows you a sample of the data that is being imported, review the information to make sure that it is mapped correctly. If you wish to make any changes, use the back button to go to the mapping step. If the sample looks good proceed to the final step by clicking ‘start import’.

4. Complete

Once the import process is completed, you can now visit your pipeline from the main menu, all the deals should now be visible in your pipeline as cards.