How to use 'Activity Widget'

As you already know widgets are created based on reports in your system. So, you need to make sure that the data you want on your dashboard has been saved as a report before you configure your dashboard widgets.

Activity widget helps you give your users a snapshot of activities. Feed for the ‘Activity widget’ comes from the ‘Activity’ part of the reports section. Some of the example reports are,

  • Daily activities due – Useful for an individual
  • Weekly activities due – Useful for an individual
  • Next week’s activities –  – Useful for an individual
  • Team activities –  – Useful for managers

Following is a sample screenshot of activities widget, the two widgets ‘Unanswered Calls’ and ‘Promise Taken’ are activity widgets.

Following video gives you a view of how first to create a report in activities and then use it to create a widget in dashboard by using the ‘Activity Widget’.