Introduction to Buzzflow Dashboards

Your Dashboard is your landing page when you enter Buzzflow, it serves to give you a quick overview of your activities and all pending actions you need to take.

The dashboard is made up of widgets. These widgets each act as a visual representation of one aspect of your business. They can be customized to suit your needs, by reflecting the information that is most important to you and allowing you to manipulate where this information is represented on your screen.

As each widget is based on a report, clicking the ‘fullscreen’ icon on the top right corner of the widget will open the original report for a more detailed look.

To edit the dashboard click on the ‘Edit Dashboard’ button, this will convert the widgets to editing mode. 


Editing Dashboard

Now you can,

-Add a new widget by clicking the ‘+ add widget’ button on the top right hand corner of your window.

-Move widget, by using the ‘Move‘ icon on the widget, click-drag-drop to desired location.

-Edit widget by selecting 3 dots icon on the widget, and selecting edit. This will take you to an editing window where you can refine the filters, and rename the widget.

-Delete a widget select the 3 dots icon and choose delete. Buzzflow will prompt you to confirm if you want to delete the widget, choose delete once more and the widget will be removed from your dashboard.

*always remember to save dashboard after making any changes.