Match Business processes and create pipelines

You can access the pipeline management by selecting manage pipelines option from the main menu. Else, If you are in pipeline view click on the cogwheel (gear) icon next to the pipeline name. This will take you to pipeline management.


The first of the five tabs in this section allows you to add, rename and remove pipelines.

To add new pipeline:


Click the blue ‘Add New Pipeline’ Button. Select the type of pipeline you require and click ‘Create’.

The new pipeline will appear in your list with the default name of ‘Sales’

To assign permissions, rename, delete and use email tagging of pipelines:


Assign Permission – Click on the pipeline permissions icon next to the pipeline of your choice, select members to give permission to view pipeline, reports and weekly digest.

Rename Pipeline – Click on the pencil icon and type new name

Delete – Use trashcan icon

Email tagging – click on the envelope to copy email address to clipboard. You can past in the TO: field in your email, this will establish a link between your email and buzzflow. A copy of the email will appear in the pipeline log.

Matching Business Process to Pipeline


The stages tab allows you to add, edit and remove pipeline stages. To better understand how to configure pipeline stages click here.

First make sure that the correct pipeline is selected.

To add a new stage – enter the stage name at the lower left corner of the page, and press enter to add it.

  • Rename stage
  • Delete stage
  • Click and hold – drag – drop to move stage

No Progress in Stage Escalation

This provides an alert whenever a deal becomes dormant. You can set after how many days of no activity the alert goes out and to whom, you can set multiple recipients for the alert.


Dormant Deals

This option will let you easily identify deals that haven’t had any activity for a specified period.


Dormant deals are shown in the pipeline as red colored cards as shown below.