Overview of Pipelines

Your pipeline is your sales process. It allows you to see deals at every stage. When a new deal is entered (unless specified otherwise) it will always appear in the first stage of your pipeline, in this case ‘Lead’.

From this point onward as you make progress with each deal they can be moved up the pipeline until the deal reached one of three possible outcomes, Won, Lost or abandoned.

The advantage of the pipeline view is that at any given time at a glance you will be able to get an idea of hat progress is being made and where your/your teams sales currently stand.

Since deals are organized by their position in the pipeline you will be able to determine how well you or your team is functioning.

Once a deal is completed (or abandoned), it can be archived which will remove it from your pipeline, but retain the information so that it can be retrieved whenever required.

Opening a pipeline – Pipelines are listed at the top of your main menu, clicking on the desired pipeline will open it.

Click here to view a video of Introduction to Buzzflow Pipelines.

Following short clip shows how to move deals between different stages of a Buzzflow pipeline.

buzzflow moving deals in pipeline

Click here for a guide on Configuring Pipelines (for Administrators).