Customer Support for Small Businesses

No matter how big or small, the difference between a  good company and a great company depends on one simple but important factor; a quality customer service!

A great company will go the extra mile to ensure their customers feel valued thus helping them to build a loyal customer base. Just because your business is small, it doesn’t mean your quality of service should  be the same.  A quality customer service creates an opportunity for differentiation in  a small business.

Small businesses in fact, are at an advantage when it comes to customer service. You can be very nimble in your responses while maintaining a meaningful connection with the customer. Though it’s very important that you open as many channels (such as chat and phone) as possible for customer service, email still remains the most used medium for that purpose. One of the secrets being, email helps you get personal with the customer, while being formal at the same time, considering also the fact that, email is used as a formal and official means of communication. Imagine a scenario where your support system is also lives inside your email; more precisely, a helpdesk for Gmail.

Email as the Only Support Tool

Any small business would start their support service with a simple email and then you probably would start categorizing them with different labels. While there are many positive sides to it, a shared email inbox for support can ruin your customer support; ultimately brining down your business.

Growth of the business will eventually call for an efficient support email tracking solution. You may require such a solution because you could be,

  • overwhelmed by the number of support emails
  • losing track of priority emails/tickets
  • needing a system to maintain metadata about a customer problem (such as internal notes, files, comments, etc.)
  • needing a mechanism to assign and track emails/tasks to support agents
  • lacking the overall view of support queries (no support dashboard)

Challenges with Different Options Available

There are many different types of SaaS tools available for customer service automation today. While a big business could benefit from these tools, they may not be appealing to your small business due to a number of reasons,

  • Expensive subscriptions
  • Resistance from the support team for new tools
  • Long learning curve – the tool may not be used to it’s fullest potential, hence a waste of investment.
  • Lack of transparency at the top – Unlike in hierarchical organizations, in a small business the management may have to intervene and provide input then and there. Therefore,it is important that manager/owner has a good understanding even about support operations.

Looking for a Simple Migration?

Currently if your customer service communication is handled by email, and if you are on Gmail, it would be ideal to introduce a tool which does not break the current working behavior, but simply increase the productivity of your team and improve your support service. 

What if,

  • You don’t have to switch to a different tool but remain in the same Gmail inbox to track your tickets ?
  • You could collaborate with others in your team with notes, comments, and share files too ?
  • Your support emails are tagged and tightly coupled with the ticket tracking system ?
Benefits of BuzzFlow for Support Ticketing

Benefits of BuzzFlow for Support Ticketing

Introducing BuzzFlow


You Google Help Desk

BuzzFlow ( is a tool ideal for Small businesses to automate their support ticket tracking. It’s simple, user intuitive and lives your Google Inbox. Therefore, it makes BuzzFlow suitable for businesses that use Gmail (irrespective of whether it’s corporate or personal) for their support services.

Helpdesk for Gmail : BuzzFlow Ticketing is in Your Inbox

BuzzFlow Help desk inside Gmail Inbox

BuzzFlow Help desk inside Gmail Inbox

Since it’s inside your Gmail inbox, tagging support mail to your tickets is just a click away.  Therefore, tracking support tickets (hence emails) is very easy.   It is highly collaborative with the “Story/notes” and “Comments” features and also allows you to keep your digital files attached.

BuzzFlow is the right choice if you,

  • want to make your life easier by using a good, but cost effective & simple ticket tracking solution for Gmail
  • rely on email and want to track them efficiently as a professional support team
  • You are expecting rich functionalities such as,
    • Internal collaboration with notes, comments and tasks
    • Maintain rich tickets with attachments
    • mail tagging
    • Ability to customize the support app
      • Add new fields and change existing fields
      • Add new support states and change them to suite your business needs

Set Reminders with BuzzFlow

You can also set personal Email reminders for any support ticket. This is very helpful for the support agents and managers to set personal reminders on tasks.

BuzzFlow Help desk Reminder

BuzzFlow Help desk Reminder

Automatic ticket creation with BuzzFlow

BuzzFlow is capable of creating Support Tickets automatically for new incoming support emails. It then tags the relevant support emails to the new support ticket. BuzzFlow also assigns the new ticket (based on your preference) automatically and sends an email notification to the ticket owner (assignee).


BuzzFlow comes as a Chrome extension inside Gmail and as a web app, and setting up can be done in just a few simple mouse clicks. 




by Surajee R