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Your entire sales pipeline VISUALIZED

“Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text” means,
salespersons can manage sales quicker and easier
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More control over sales.
simpler. better.

Simplified workflow

Never miss a follow-up

Loved by teams

ONE which gives you the best sales insights

Generate actionable insights with the most easy to use yet powerful report generator.

Zoom in to reports to dig deeper to uncover more information.

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Easy to setup and manage

Would you rather compromise your proven sales process to adapt to a new CRM or simply customize Buzzflow to adapt to your processes?


Either use the standard pipelines or easily adapt Buzzflow to suit your own sales process.


If you run multiple businesses or SBUs, manage them all in one system.

Organize work

Then forget it!

Sales sometimes is overwhelming. Keeping track of visits, calls, reminders is a challenge. 

BuzzFlow helps you track of everything in one place at office or on the move through mobile app. 


You can get it all done and close more deals in less time while keeping a peace of mind along the way.

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Salespersons love simplicity.
Buzzflow is a tool that get more things done helping you close more deals in less time.
Get in, fasten your seatbelts, get ready for a highspeed sales drive in Buz.