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Sales Simplicity redefined

Arguably the Simplest and flexible CRM for small teams with BIG DREAMS.

Would you rather compromise your proven sales process to adapt to a new CRM or simply customize your new CRM to adapt to your processes?

Happy teams close more deals. Agree?

It’s a CRM your sales team will never work without.

Minimal Data Entry

Capture written notes through the mobile app.

Positive Competition

Creates a playful atmosphere to close more deals.

Access On The Go

Always updated with the latest info. Serve customers fast.

Emails. Part of your sales process?

Ever spent endless hours looking for an email before closing a crucial deal?

BuzzFlow provides simplest and probably the best way of tagging Gmails to your deals. You will never have to waste time searching inboxes to dig emails about a deal.

BuzzFlow, The CRM for Google

Did you know? “Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text”.

BuzzFlow’s Visual Pipelines show your team where the deals exactly are and which deals need attention. Follow activity based selling to make small wins at each sales stage finally getting the big win when closing the sale in less time.

buzzflow pipeline

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