A CRM for Real Estate Agents and Businesses

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Amaze your clients with an intuitive Real Estate CRM

One of the important components in the real estate industry is connecting with your community. But how often would you hear of the use of proper technology such as a Real Estate CRM to manage buyers, listings and most importantly building up healthy customer relationships. During initial customer acquaintance, most real estate agents jot down enormous amounts of customer information. However, with a very limited life span and mostly confined  only to one individual, important information may not achieve its purpose. This is simply due to the fact that there is no effective  method of storage and collaboration.

On the other hand, instead of a proper Real Estate CRM, it could be a legacy or an old fashioned CRM that you are working with. You and the rest of the team are simply out of touch with its operation. May be it’s too cumbersome, unintuitive, very slow and  most probably loaded with unnecessary features and technicalities. You just don’t  feel like working with it at all. Ultimately resulting in misplaced information and lack of productivity, which consequently leads to loss of revenue to you and your company.

Building the Database

As a successful real estate agent or a firm, your goal is to secure as many clients as possible. They could be known or unknown. Once you have acquired  them, you will need to store them in a database in a systematic way and stay in touch with them. You know this formula will ensure a constant stream of deals coming your way. Growing the database and continuous follow-ups means, more deals and eventually expanding  your business. Therefore, the bottom line is having a system (such as a Real Estate CRM) which empowers you to enhance  your business, while being intuitive or easy and simple to use.

A good Real Estate CRM  should let you,

Easily and Efficiently Manage Your Buyers and Listings

Managing buyers and sellers are two different processes which include multiple steps in each. It would be ideal if you could tackle your leads or opportunities within these steps easily in a visual manner.

Create Leads Automatically

A majority of  homebuyers make initial contact with their agents online, mostly via emails. There should be a way to automatically create leads as and when such new emails arrive.

Manage and Share Documents Easily

Store and share all the files or documents together with other buyer or listing information all in one central location.

Collaborate and Work Together as a Team

Share information and receive tips or suggestions from your colleagues or superiors. Delegate tasks and track them, get reminded on pending tasks and get notified when tasks are completed and finally win as a team.


Timing is the key to be successful in securing a buyer or closing a deal. When you are managing multiple buyers or listings, it’s important that you keep reminders. It helps you to make the right call at the right time.

Management Visibility into Team’s Activity

The Management may require getting details about a deal or the overall performance of individuals or teams. Whichever the way, your CRM should be quick and simple enough to provide this information.

Permission Based Security

It’s important that deals created in your CRM have controlled access (“Read”, “Write” or “No Access to Deals”) based on teams or individuals.

BuzzFlow CRM is the perfect choice for Real Estate Agents and Businesses

Inclusive of all the above features and more, BuzzFlow CRM is ideal for Real Estate Agents and companies to automate their deals. It lets you manage deals visually using pipelines. The “Buying” pipeline is for deals of home buyers and “Listings” is to manage the sellers. Each pipeline has different steps (stages) starting from the Lead up until the deal is closed. Once a deal is created, you take it through different stages to indicate and track the current state of the deal.

BuzzFlow is tightly integrated with Gmail and Google Apps

Email is an easy and powerful communication tool for all  businesses and the Real estate industry bears no difference. The most successful real-estate agents and companies use email and phone to manage their deals. Information in their Inboxes is guaranteed to be securely stored inside, but not in a structured manner hence retrieving and relating is a nightmare.

BuzzFlow lets you tag the ‘relevant emails’ (live email conversations in your Gmail Inbox) to deals in your ‘”Buying” or “Listings” pipelines. This way, not only your files or documents, but also your emails related to a deal is stored in one place.

In addition to the intuitive web interface, BuzzFlow also comes as a Chrome extension inside Gmail. Therefore, those who use the Gmail inbox extensively can access CRM inside Gmail without ever leaving their Inbox.